What makes the Amazon Echo So Special for You

The launch of amazon echo signals the new era in the way you experience surround sound music at your home. The hands free speaker responds to your voice command and channels the musical play list accordingly. The system creates a voice profile through the automated speech recognition system and stores your personal voice in its database. The system is designed to identify and understand multiple accents and languages for identifying individual words and work efficiently. One of the unique features of the device is its ability to differentiate your voice from the music being played and execute the commands in real time. What makes amazon echo so special for you is its coverage of all services related to your everyday life.

Amazon Echo White

What is this Amazon Echo Review about?

This amazon echo review is about listing some of the unique characteristics of the echo system related to news reading, weather reports, sporting events etc. You can get a brief overview of how to configure the amazon echo for specific applications.

  • News Reading: – One way of listening to the amazon echo news is to tune it with the flash briefing. After connecting the device through Wi-Fi internet you can ask for “the news today in <Your city>” through voice request. Now the system reads out the news aloud for you from the selected channels. Some of the most favorite channels are from the local radio stations around you. The other feature of the device is the radio on demand. Here you can specifically ask for the radio station by asking for the particular parameters.
  • Audio e-Book: – The amazon echo has specialized feature for reading the selected e-book of your choice aloud. When you say “read” followed by the book title when you reach the relevant site in the amazon audio book collection, the system reads the book. You can pause, resume, move to the next/previous chapter and stop reading the book after specific time span.
  • Musical Play-List: – You can select the play list from your computer, smart phone, Spotify, YouTube, PLEX, Mac and many other channels. For YouTube you need to open the channel in your smart phone and connect it with the amazon echo system through Bluetooth. For Spotify you need to create an account and link it with the device using the Amazon app. Once you configure the music services as default from device the system automatically chooses the channel and searches for the specific titles.
  • Equipment Control: – Lighting systems like bulbs, switches and dimmers from multiple vendors can now be controlled with the amazon echo. Commands like “turn on kitchen light”, “turn on living room” work effectively. Once the task is complete you can get an “OK” response from the amazon echo system which confirms the successful task completion.
  • Automotive Control: – The latest and upcoming versions of the amazon echo are expected to work with car garage doors, check the fuel, lock and unlock the door and operate many other devices within your automobile.
  • Other Controls: – The other controls limning up for the amazon echo are the Pizza ordering, groceries, sprinkler systems, health and fitness monitoring etc.